[relevant] Manchester City winger is expected to vote 7,000,000 Euro 34 million .. Manchester City signed Brazil striker .. 21:00 the evening of July 14, with the South African powerhouse Manchester United's warm-up match super sports stadium in Pretoria started. The first 20 minutes of continuous legs were shot inside the penalty area saved by goalkeeper Dzeko, 56 minutes Supersport United rely Niang headed home to win by 73 minutes Milner hit an empty siege, 82 minutes angstroms Erasmus Tui gain another victory, 0-2 away defeat to Manchester City lost by South Africa Supersport United, Pellegrini's first show experience, "open the door black." The game was coach Manuel Pellegrini took over Manchester City after the first game, how he will inject sky blue Corps tactical elements, it is worth the wait. Wear handsome discharge 451 this war, Compagni halfback partner with Garcia, Manchester City this summer to spend 40 million euros from Shakhtar Donetsk to introduce new aid Fernandez Godinho starting to play, and Nasri, Barry midfield partner , Dzeko as a lone striker. Manchester City rival Super Sport United in the Premier League last season ranked sixth in South Africa, is strong, they would like to take home advantage and a blue moon pull to pull the wrist. This battle Manchester City wearing a traditional blue shirt play, the home team Super Sport United dressed in black shirts. The first two minutes are violated Garcia, Hart Bigfoot kickoff. After opening the two teams are in the test, is not eager to attack. Inscribed within the first four minutes long pass cut teammate Akira endo opening Trapani, Hart eye grassland timely closure to defuse dangerous situations, two minutes Hounasili the ball to midfielder Kolarov blocked. Plagioclase pass a player the first 9 minutes Super Sport United's offside, one minute after Richards ball forward runs assists too was broken. The first 13 minutes Compagni long pass to find Dzeko, who failed to predict with confidence the ball in the 14th minute left Suarez cross restricted, but Dzeko offside. After the first 16 minutes and dominant teammates and shovel missed the first 20 minutes Suarez left the ball up front, Nasri Zhise, Tui dominant left the restricted area by goalkeeper Williams saved, wave Williams black blank range once again been denied the bottom line. The first 21 minutes Nasri left breakthrough foul, Nasri takes the free-kick low and flat Triomphe goalkeeper confiscated. The first 22 minutes the home team back, Hart stations wonders opponent's right pass the ball firmly caught. Garcia first 25 minutes of the party left sideline ball and blocking the opponent menacing counterattack 27 minutes Nasri midfielder was off the sticky ball. The first 28 minutes Compagni plugged in and near the top of the arc to make wall pass with Dzeko failed to form a tacit understanding was blocking opponents. The first 31 minutes Supersport United player left front guard Richards pulled the ball down, the home team free kick, Matt Bradley takes the target. 32 minutes to change the Super Sport United goalkeeper Fernandez, who replaced Williams. The first 36 minutes Nasri Razzaq too much power on the right low-pass, the ball got into the direct Fernandez arms. The first 37 minutes Nasri left heel pass from Kolarov, who cross-knock, Suarez feet mixed with garlic failed to control the ball, missed scoring chances. The first 39 minutes pass Fernandez Godinho overheads over the bar, the first 40 minutes the home team back, Compagni first fell upset the other 10 players restricted the right of Tui, subsequently headed the rescue from his bottom line near the pass .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Hart out of the penalty area 43 minutes undermine each other's long ball, the first 45 minutes Kolarov cross from the left one ball had been shovel turned, Nasri penalty kick into the box, Garcia header wide, The first half both teams goalless draw 0-0, Manchester City new aid Fernandez Godinho lackluster.