"Daily Star" screenshots According to England "Daily Star" updates in Tevez let go and buy a new striker after another was blocked, Manchester City ready to once again launched an offensive to C Real Madrid striker Ronaldo, but in order to get this Bit Portuguese king, "Blue Moon" ready to open a £ 300,000 weekly salary to lure them to join, while the £ 300,000 weekly salary (about 18 million euros annual salary) will also allow C Luo became the second-highest annual salary in football today players, second only to Samuel Eto'o 20 million euros .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2015 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. In the Balotelli and Carlos Tevez has sold to Serie A, the current Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero and Dzeko remaining two, after Manchester City striker has acquired lists, a list Negredo and Cardoso et al., but after another blocked. For coach Manuel Pellegrini, the new season if you want to PK Manchester United and Chelsea striker is the need to strengthen a ring, why lose the championship last season, compared to the 2011-12 season, played poorly is a striker The key reason. Manchester City have completed two summer signings, namely Brazil midfielder and winger Navas Fernandez Godinho, these two positions are short board Manchester City squad, therefore, to find a new striker has become "the Chilean engineer" Next signings number one task. Buy Vidic and Cardoso blocked in after Manchester City ready to go, once again launched an offensive to C Luo, C Luo left on his contract with Real Madrid two years, and the Portuguese striker has not yet been completed contract with Real Madrid . Therefore, Manchester City intends to use the high salary to attract C Lo joined the "Blue Moon" is out of the weekly C Lo Hoi reached a staggering £ 300,000 annual salary of about 16 million pounds (18 million euros). Macy will exceed 16 million euros, and the annual salary treatment is believed to be C Lo would like to see the situation. According to the "Daily Star" revealed that Manchester City in order to get the Portuguese King even going to spend all loans in the bank's team. Manchester City have told C Luo team, C Luo obtained when joining a weekly reach £ 300,000 contract. Of course, Manchester City buy C Lo in addition to strengthening the team's front line strength, there is another reason for the Manchester City-funded, strong digging C Luo also can hit the same city rivals Manchester United. In recent months, the Manchester United has been trying to bring back C Luo Old Trafford, Manchester United fans even plan their own money to raise money to bring back the Portuguese striker. Last summer, Van Persie Manchester City lost to Manchester United in the battle, which led to defeat city rivals Manchester City in the final Premier League title race, so this time, no longer going to let Manchester United the upper hand. In fact, the key to the success of this move is in the C Lo himself, after all, the Portuguese kings had countless memorable stay at Old Trafford for a better picture, whether to join Manchester United's rivals Manchester City, will be a difficult choice. Although Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had repeatedly said C Lo will continue to stay at Real Madrid, Real Madrid or even to stay until retirement, but in fact C Ronaldo and Real Madrid on the issue of renewal has been unable to reach agreement, one of the important The reason is that the annual salary of the treatment. For Manchester City boss, just want to poach C Luo, the transfer fee is not a problem, 96 million euros if Manchester City wanted to buy C Ronaldo, the transfer fee is bound to refresh C Lo had joined Real Madrid from Manchester United when.