"Daily Mail" revealed Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez away signings, plus during the winter window sell Balotelli, Manchester City striker has much first team available, remaining Aguero and Dzeko, so Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini must acquire complementary players up front after he took office, the introduction of the current Manchester City player, whether or Navas Fernandez Godinho, not forward, according to a blueprint for the future of Manchester City last season, both domestic League Cup or World War, four fronts have to go hand in hand, so the first team only two forwards is not enough, even if the acquisition of two strikers just live together. British media broke the news, in order to solve the problem up front, Manchester City coach Pellegrini acquisition list already listed in this List, the Blue Moon to sign three strikers! British media, "Daily Mail" reported that prior to this, coach Roberto Mancini at Manchester City also plans to buy Cavani, Pellegrini took office after the program has changed, he began to chase Fred and Cazeau Pull forward to three British media, "Mirror" broke the news of Negredo . Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Compared with Cavani, the three strikers fame dropped, but it is undeniable that they are the strength to send strongman, here briefly the situation in the three strikers. Fred, aged 29, the Brazilian international, who played in Lyon, currently in Brazil club Fluminense effect, played two seasons in the past 88 games, crazy scored 64 goals, with the outstanding performance of the domestic league Fred was elected to the national team again. Fred currently being Confederations Cup campaign with Brazil, the group stage 4-2 defeat of Italy in the battle, the striker scored twice. Semi-final match against Uruguay, Fred launched into the lore goals helped Brazil win 2-1. Cazorla aged 30 Paraguay international, European football after the 2007 landing Benfica have been effective, a goal is a high potency striker, on behalf of Benfica played 260 times, scoring 161 goals, 46 appearances last season times, scoring 33 goals. Although Cazorla outstanding performance, the tragedy is that Benfica in the Portuguese Super League, Portuguese Cup and the European Cup in all three competitions to occupy second place. Negredo, 27 years old, Spain edge international, currently in Seville effectiveness. Last season, Negredo play an extremely eye-catching, 36 appearances in La Liga, scoring 25 goals, second only to Messi, C Ronaldo and Falcao et La Liga Big Three, ranked fourth in the standings shooter is most of the local harvest goals forward, unfortunately he did not get the opportunity to travel to Brazil for the Confederations Cup. Last season, the tournament representatives Negredo Sevilla played 42 times, scoring 31 goals. Finally, add a message Richards, this character rebellious right-back flow into the transfer market, the British media, "Mirror" revealed, Arsenal and Roma join the England players battle.