Yesterday morning, four teams in the Champions League this season, the end of the final round of competition. In recognition of the death panels, the Dortmund 1-0 home victory over Manchester City lock the group, which is only three points the team bottom of Europa League qualification even did not groan. Known as the world's first league champions, Manchester City in the Premier League this season, nine wins, six draws unbeaten Champions League but three draws and three losses greatly in recent years, but who spent nearly 600 million pounds will nest cross, a home was Haibian, "Blue Moon" really is a shame a joke out of the house to get lost due to the three days before the Battle of King Mountain experienced with Bayern, Dortmund, this time to make adjustments in the first six core cell policy holiday, Poland Musketeers did not even enter the competition squad, which is 801 days since the team first in the race did not come Poles. Manchester City face almost a Dott two teams, but in this case, most of the main starter in the game Manchester City still can not find the North, not only shot six times, goalkeeper Hart was forced to make multiple saves. Since returning to the Champions League last season, Manchester City barely maintain unbeaten, but only one door to go abroad like the evil general, 0:1 Dott has lost nine consecutive club a European away defeat. If the first group match away to Real Madrid was only until the last few minutes Lianban two goals to reverse a pity, then successive away defeat Ajax and Borussia Dortmund, the team really can not find any excuse to down. Embarrassing and gave himself wearing a "hat" gifts people happy to see Manchester City Champions League group stage win is hard to find a group of second-level leagues from England fans must be very happy, they are the Blackburn fans. Blackburn can be said that the Premier League club football Jinyuan ancestor, a steel business owners took over the team at the beginning of the Premiership after investing 30 million pounds, Liverpool hired "King" Kenny Dalglish, also bought the legendary England striker Alan Shearer, culminating in the 1994/95 season and won the Premier League title .Besides, when talking about Premier League man utd kit 14/15 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: , many fans love the site. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news.. But the following year, Blackburn Rovers Champions League record is not ideal, although able to get a good sign, but the group stage was eliminated only four points, but also left two of his teammates on the pitch melee joke. Due to poor management, Blackburn Rovers were relegated last season, but now they can finally take off "the worst England team in the Champions League," the hat, because there is Manchester City initiative put this "hat" from the Champions League in 1992 after restructuring, but also England has never been a team did not win a game in the group, from the perspective of the overall strength of the Premier League, Manchester City want to catch other teams embarrassing record really is not easy. Advantageous to concentrate on defending Premier League masturbation is worth mentioning that, when Blackburn was the second team to win the Premier League champion team, Manchester United had only rule the roost in the league, while Manchester City last season but also thrilling to snatch the title from the hands of Manchester United. This season, Manchester United became the first top 32 teams qualify for the playoffs, while city rivals Manchester City, but missed the playoffs. But now Manchester City can fully cope with the Premiership, but Ferguson's team to cope with multi-line operations, seemed to be more favorable for Manchester City. This point, coach Roberto Mancini has become an excuse to talk about the team out. After complaining about a bad team finished the draw, the Italian nationality coach, said: "In fact, we will advance out of the last round, the chance of the European Cup really did not groan a bit disappointing, but it is clear that this result. we fight for the Premier League title is very beneficial, because we do not have the distraction of the Europa League. "Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had been ill before the game expressed hope that Manchester City and strive to enter the European Cup, after all, can be considered an intercontinental champion. Sir Alex Ferguson's wishful thinking now off the air, while Mancini it? WASHINGTON (high Hongzhi) Champions League yesterday morning to start the final round of the competition, located in the group of death in the Premiership champions Manchester City 0-1 away defeat to Borussia Dortmund, only three points, bottom panel, becoming the Champions League after restructuring 20 years, the first team in the group stage without victory England team. Earlier, home to Real Madrid after the end of the Champions League group stages hopes Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini still expect to win away to Borussia Dortmund for the Blue Moon won the European Cup qualification. However, the discharge of the second-tier team Dortmund, round lineup, Manchester City still can not contribute much. Blue Moon whole game just 6-foot shot, far worse than the home team, the Hornets lost 0:1 completely reasonable. Champions League did not take a six fight win, three draws and only got 3 points, Manchester City became the UEFA Champions League second leg historical identity as a team out of the bottom of the Premier League champions, the last time such a disgrace England champions dates back to the 1995/1996 season, a short-lived Blackburn Rovers. Throughout the Champions League, Manchester City played anticlimactic, timid, more round is not at all lost temper. Status of injuries over the camp, general lack of vacuum caused by the war, as the weekend's Manchester derby left the force, seemingly out of Manchester City can become a fig leaf, but Mancini in the game and the team crappy spot command downturn Manner, already doomed the Blue Moon fall. Scores of other screenings: AC Milan 0:1 Zenit home team, Paris Saint-Germain FC Porto 2-1 at home, home team Real Madrid 4:1 Ajax, Arsenal 1:2 away Olympia grams Sri Lanka team. Author: Gao Hongzhi