The evening of December 11, the FA announced on Manchester City midfielder Barry allegations on the grounds that their derby against Manchester Clattenburg the fourth official language of disrespect. According to the "Daily Mail" the latest report, Barry has decided to abandon the appeal, accepted a Football Association suspended punishment, so that he will miss this weekend's Manchester City Newcastle game off war. Barry abusive Clattenburg intriguing point in time, because this occurred in Mikel sent shortly after claiming Clattenburg Nigeria midfielder Chelsea and Manchester United battle in law enforcement in their own monkey curse, but by the FA and the police investigation confirmed Clattenburg innocence, was sentenced to three anti Mikel match ban and £ 60,000 fine. Perhaps the lesson is to accept the former, Barry Executed in today admit, receive a suspended punishment. Interestingly, the "Daily Mail" said Mancini disservice suspended matter in Bari. The paper said that Barry is the players after the game to channel growl, everyone thought he was in to vent their dissatisfaction with Mancini, Manchester City manager also fully embrace the responsibility over, but the pressure is enormous, but the Italians hastened to disassociate himself after the game, said Barry was not on his displeasure, but the referee. Manco said: "The referee and linesman have made ​​some mistakes today, I do not know what to say to them Jiarui Si." Have made even the party confirmed coach Barry addition to receiving suspended punishment, there is no other choice a. In addition to Barry knife stabbed in the back outside Mancini formations in the Manchester derby is also being questioned, especially arranged Balotelli starting to play, the playing time at the bar of God as nothing unexamined, the media after the game he set off another round will join AC Milan on news craze, but teammate Yaya Toure was behind the bar of God, and praised him as the first Premier League striker. Former Barcelona midfielder said: "Mario is an incredible player, but sometimes he would be angry with himself, all the players need to grow up, I always say these things about Mario, especially this year, he was on the training ground very hard, progress is also evident, but sometimes when you do not seize the opportunity, you will be very disappointed. personality he is a great guy and I know he will become the first Premier League striker. Manchester City dressing room and then exposed infighting after losing the Manchester derby, Manchester United have been pulling away 6 points, while leaving the Blue Moon fans worried that this loss again to detonate the internal contradictions of the team. British "Sun" and "The Independent" have been exposed material, said in the locker room after the game coach Roberto Mancini was furious, scolding goalkeeper Joe Hart and other big players ruined the team, while England goalkeeper is not to be outdone, tit for tat with Manco to spray. "Sun" said Mancini Joe Hart roared toward the locker room, "it's all your fault", but also accused Balotelli, Tevez and Nasri an insider revealed:. "Mancini just crazy, he picked everyone's troubles, like looking for a fight the same. "In all fairness, Balotelli and Nasri certainly cursed, but in the three clean sheets, Joe Hart's responsibility is not large. First ball he moved to the left side of the goal, but Rooney fired dihedral and from between his legs across the defender, Hart is already too late to the ground. second goal is Manchester City defender missing people, Rooney in front from succeeding. As Robin van Persie's lore, that it is playing in the Nasri lap lane changes, the keeper of the ball powerless to do anything .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap soccer uniforms 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: , many fans love the site. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news.. "independent" is disclosed, said Mancini of Joe Hart's dissatisfaction with the main focus on the last kick of the wall of that arrangement. was Manco command Tevez joined with Dzeko, Barry and Nasri wall composed of four individuals, but Joe Hart to indicate trio Carlos Tevez had enough, so he left Argentina beast wall, but in fact, man Tonkinese this accusation is also somewhat harsh, because if Nasri like Dzeko and Barry as the face of the brave jump ball with the body Qudang, not to hide, then Robin van Persie should be able to block the shot so true should be responsible for the clean sheet Nasri, not Joe Hart. based on this, the feeling of being wronged Joe Hart furious, immediately commenced shouting match with Mancini. should know that England goalkeeper but Manco handpicked together, in order to give him enough playing time, Manco is strong at the Irishman Shay Given on the bench, which Joe Hart has been grateful. available nowadays, even he began to oppose Mancini , "The Independent" that the relationship between the Italian and the players further deterioration, which could lead to him being isolated. 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